Doctor Solution that you encounter at home

Professional cosmeceutical brand that provides the best solutions with 

products which are recognized by skin experts so that everyone can regain 

joy and confidence of life through healthy and clean skin. 

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Doctor Solution

By incorporating cosmeceutical technology, it can be easily 

managed at home.


Research with skin experts and development of products optimized for skin It is a professional cosmetic brand.

The success of the skin,

TOAS is with you.

More than 50 departments including dermatology, hospitals, esthetics,

and duty-free shops You can meet TOAS through various online channels.

TOAS will be together in all stages of research, development, planning, manufacturing, and distribution.

we develop safe cosmetics that is applicable safely even to sensitive skin.

Today also, TOAS put all efforts to provide customized solutions for numerous skin problems


Purple Cone


Purple corn extract that can be extracted independently of Toas It is a specialized ingredient for anti-inflammatory / antioxidant.

Centella Asiatica Extract

Protects the wounded area of the skin from harmful substances It is a specialized ingredient for skin protection by recovering quickly.



Peptides are the most basic building blocks of proteins. It is a specialized ingredient for skin wrinkle improvement and anti-aging.


1. We make special products with good ingredients and hard work.

2. We will create more convenient services through communication with customers.

3. We will create a professional solution through consultation for each skin type.

4. We will make it with reliable product power, stability, and technology.