TOAS SULFUR Liquid Perfection Cream 50g

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* anti aging
* skin elasticity







Recipe containing

patented non-toxic liquid sulfur

skin tone improvement / anti aging





Contains 6GF peptide ingredients to

make your skin healthy.

skin elasticity / anti aging





It contains ‘micro natural needles(Spicules) to

make your skin firm and healthy.

absorptivity / anti aging





65% improvement

in skin elasticity confirmed












STEP1 - After cleansing, tidy up the skin texture

STEP2 - Tap gently.

STEP3 - Absorb completely.


TOAS SULFUR Liquid Perfection Cream 50g

Ratings : ★★★★★

Brand : SULFUR

Skin Type : All skin

Item Form : Ivory color cream

Weight : 50g

Main Ingredients : Sulfur, 6GF Peptides, Spicules

For whom

1. Elasticity effect, Skin soothing

2. Clean skin, Improvement skin  nutrition

3. Trouble improvement

Unit count(MOQ) : 1EA / To.

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