TOAS Derma Self Peeling Kit

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* Gluconolactone PHA - Exfoliate
* Glycolic Acid GA - Whitening
* Jessner - Acne


(Blue) Aquaring – Exfoliation (Glass skin)






Among the properties of gluconolactone (PHA),

it has the property of attracting moisture →

Excellent moisture transfer ability



Hypoallergenic exfoliation:

'Mild hypoallergenic' peeling ingredient that removes 

old dead skin cells


(Green) Brightening – Whitening






Glycolic acid (GA) has the best peeling

effect among AHA ingredients


Care for freckles and pigmentation:

Skin texture & Tone up


(Green) Brightening – Whitening






 - Jessner Ingredients: Mixed peeling made by

selecting only the strengths of AHA and

BHA - Facilitates clogged sebum

discharge: trouble care


If purchased as a set, you will receive

1 TOAS Esthetic Glass Ball + 1 Peeling Brush + 1 Esthetic Sponge!



TOAS Derma Self Peeling 3 Kit


Ratings : ★★★★★


Skin Type : Acne, when the skin is rough andhas a lot of dead skin

Item Form : each 30ml

Weight : 30g

(Blue) Aquaring : Gluconolactone PHA - Exfoliate

(Green) Brightening : Glycolic Acid GA - Whitening

(Orange) Caring : Jessner - Acne

Unit count(MOQ) : 1EA / To.

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