Miracle Cell Balm Cream 50g

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[Miracle Cell Balm Cream]

- 3 functional Blush balm cream makes skin brighter with beige tone and prevents skin aging from UVA and UVB



[Main Ingredient]



1. Lotus Callus

- Inhibition of melanin synthesis, skin tone care


2. Ginseng Callus

- Skin nutrition supply


3. Low molecular hyaluronic acid

Strengthening skin barrier and moisturizing effect


[Coverage Test]



[Toas Tip]

1. It is good to use for light makeup or exercise

2. If you mix a small amount of Toas EGF Concentrate Ampule, you can express the glowing skin.

3. Applying a small amount to the area you care about helps calm and care your skin


[How To Use]

1. After the basic step, apply an appropriate amount on your face and pat it to absorb it

2. Calibrate the skin by layering several times with a small amount



Miracle Cell Balm Cream 50g

Ratings : ★★★★★

Brand : TOAS 

Skin Type : All skin

Item Form : BB Cream

Weight : 15g

Main Ingredients : Lotus Callus, Ginseng Callus, Low molecular hyaluronic  acid

For whom

1.If you need to put on makeup after a dermatologist's procedure

2. Sensitive skin

3.Anyone looking for a cover cream that adheres welln

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