Toas Miracle Laser Powder Cleanser 70g

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"Sensitive Skin"


What is I could relieve 

my skin problems

and stress all at once?





The foundation for skin health is cleansing!

Acid enzyme deep cleansing!


Soft, dense bubbles in the Miracle Enzyme Cleanser

and enzyme grains smaller than pores wash meticulously

form skin wastes to light shades.






Acquired form nature

Low molecular enzyme


Lightly remove wastes

and makeup form the skin







Cleansing with mild 

but strong foam


It also helps with moisturizing and

clean-up with makeup and ligh colors.







A thick and rich bubble

natural ingredients


surfactants obtained from corn and coconut

The ingredients make sticky and soft foam,

so it has a gentle and clean cleansing effect!










Low molecular enzyme

powder cleansing


Low molecular enzymes cleanse wastes

and dead skin deep in pores due to their small particles,

and gently take care of skin irritation!







Toas Return / Exchange Information

General matters related to returns/exchanges take precedence over the relevant laws and regulations.

Seller designated courier: Rosen Courier


Return shipping cost : 3,500 won one way (7,000 won for the first free shipping)    Exchange shipping cost : 7,000 won

Where to send: (Woo:607-842) Oncheon-dong, 40, Chungnyeol-daero 100beon-gil, Dongnae-gu, Busan


Request period according to the reason for return/exchange

When returning, please contact the seller first to discuss the reason for the return, the courier, shipping cost, return address, etc., and then ship the return product.

1. The simple change of the buyer is within 7 days after receipt of the product (the buyer bears the return shipping cost)

2. If it is different from the indication/advertisement or product defect, within 3 months after receipt of the product, or within 30 days

from the date when the indication/advertisement is different.

Returns/exchanges only when one of the two passes (the seller bears the return shipping cost)


Return / Reason for the Pope's Impossibility

Return/exchange is not possible in the following cases.

1. When the return request period has passed

2. When the product, etc. is damaged or damaged due to the buyer's responsible reasons (except in the case of damage to the packaging, etc. to check the contents of the product)

3. When the packaging is damaged due to the buyer's responsible reason and the value of the product is significantly lost, for (example: food, cosmetics, perfumes, records, etc.)

4. When the value of the product is significantly reduced due to the use of the buyer or some consumption (in the case of clothing with a label that has been dropped or a luxury product with a tag)

5. In the case where the value of products, etc. has decreased significantly to the extent that it is difficult to resell over time

6. In the case of a custom-made product that enters production in accordance with the customer's request (when written consent is given to the seller that irreversible damage is expected, and the exercise of the right to withdraw the subscription is impossible due to such schedule)

7. When the packaging of a product that can be copied is damaged (when the package is opened in the case of a CD/DVD/GAME/book)

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