Miracle EGF Concentrate Ampule 100ml

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* Wrinkle improvement function
* skin elasticity
* skin soothing






Rapid skin regeneration with patented ingredients

Contains patented ingredients of 7 plant extracts to soothe

the skin and strengthen the elasticity of the collapsed skin barrier









Use Toas products like this!

  At the final stage of skin care, take an appropriate

amount and apply evenly over the eyes and face.


Gently spread from the inside to the outside

of the face, then tap to absorb.


Take an appropriate amount at the end of the

foundation and apply

gently to the face and neck.



Miracle EGF Concentrate Ampule 100ml

Ratings : ★★★★★

Brand : TOAS

Skin Type : dry skin, combination skin

Item Form : 

Weight : 100ml

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